Sustainable Growth

Aiming for sustainable growth as an excellent chemical company with strong presence and differentiation built on proprietary technologies.

MGC is creating products and services based on chemical engineering in a wide range of fields, as stated in the company motto: “Offering unique products through original technology.


By developing environmentally friendly materials as well as resource-conserving products and processes, and contributing to environmental protection, we are helping to realize a safe, harmonious, and prosperous future.

Chemicals for Industry
Coating & Painting
Food Packaging

Storage of products from dry powdered goods and bakery to soft drinks and retort soups.

Life Science Chemicals
Oxygen Absorbers
Electronics & IT Materials


By developing new materials and technology that are ahead of their age, we will move forward with technological innovations in each field and consistently answer the demands of society, while we continue striving to make a new chemistry for the future.