Ageless® (Oxygen Absorber)

AGELESS®, from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical is the world’s first oxygen absorber. AGELESS® is a small oxygen absorbing sachet used
to extend shelf life by taking out oxygen of a sealed package. One of the objective in doing so is preventing the growth of
Insect and Mold. AGELESS® can be found in many different types of application from pharmaceuticals formulation to industrial
metals to food application (which has the largest consumption).

In an oxygen-free environment, AGELESS® are tools that help to keep you products fresh without all the unhealthy preservatives
and maintain the taste as original as possible.


AGELESS® absorbs all oxygen in a sealed container to create an oxygen free condition (maintain an oxygen concentration of 0.1%
or less). As AGELESS® absorbs more oxygen, the volume decreases and the gas remaining in the sealed container becomes mostly
nitrogen, an inert gas.

How does AGELESS® work (simplified)

The World’s Top Brand of Oxygen Absorbers

AGELESS® – The World’s Top Brand of Oxygen Absorbers

AGELESS® from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical is the world’s first oxygen absorber. Conventional technologies such as conventional
vacuum and gas replacement packaging are unable to achieve very low oxygen environment (< 0.1%). This is now possible through
the use of AGELESS®. AGELESS® is a simple but effective way to maintain the original flavor, color, fragrance and nutrition of
freshly prepared food as well as dramatically extend shelf life. Using AGELESS® is extremely easy which is why a number of food
and pharmaceutical products are using it.

Type of AGELESS®


There is a variety of AGELESS®, each designed for a specific task.

Type Feature Main Application Water activity (AW) of product to be applied
Standard iron Type Doughnuts, cakes, fresh cakes, brandy cakes, salami, beef jerky, pet foods and the like. 0.95 or less
Standard iron Type Coffee, tea, nuts, dried vegetables, spices, laver (seaweed), and pharmaceutical products. 0.65 or less
Fast Acting Type Processed Meat, Cheese, Pizza, Tortillas 0.65 to 0.95
Fast Acting Type Frozen and refrigeration food 0.65 to 0.95
O2 and CO2 Absorbing type Coffee 0.3 or less
Organic Non-iron Type Ham, Sausage, Chicken Nuggets. Products that are run through a metal detector 0.3 to 0.95

Advantages of using AGELESS®

Prevention of Mold Growth

Highly-Moist foods are easy to get moldy. However, mold cannot grow under oxygen-free condition. With the use of AGELESS®, the
moisture content of your food is not affected and Mold growth is prohibited.

Moon Cake


Original color of fresh food are bright, however this color will change as time progress due to the presence of Oxygen. AGELESS®
can be used to maintain the original color for a longer term by removing oxygen.

Sliced Ham

Flavors and Vitamin

The well-loved rich aroma of Coffee & Tea are lost due to oxidation. With the use of AGELESS®, these original fresh aroma and
flavor can be retained.


Oil becomes rancid due to Oxidation and these oxidized oil are not healthy to human body. AGELESS® has been shown to be able to
prevent this oxidation.


AGELESS® is able to eliminate both insects and eggs without pesticide. Therefore, there is no worries about residual pesticide.



Nutritional values of Vitamin C, Vitamin E is also deteriorated. AGELESS® is able to retain these important nutrients.


AGELESS® is also available in roll and strip form. This allows quick and effective dispensing in any number of products. We work
closely with our customers to enable efficient and safe automation regardless whether standard and custom design dispensers are
being used.

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Oxygen Absorbing Film “AGELESS OMAC®”

Traditionally, there was no solution to extend the shelf life of liquid or wet food. In order to help our customer who are
manufacturing liquid base product, AGELESS OMAC® has been developed to help foods remain fresh for an extended periods of time after
heat sterilization such as boiling or retort. After numerous tests, it was found that AGELESS OMAC® could also work with products
with a water activity as low as 0.5 on top of wet or liquid product.

AGELESS OMAC® is the next level in oxygen absorber technology which can be used various food production ranging from moist products
like baked goods to liquid based soups and sauces.


AGELESS OMAC® has been originally designed to be used with products that have a high water activity and would be subjected to heat
treating in order to speed up the oxygen absorbing process.

However, by changing the sealing layer, it was found that AGELESS OMAC® can also work with products that only had mid-level water
activity (Aw<0.5) and therefore heat treatment such as retort is no longer necessary. This discovery has allowed AGELESS OMAC® to be
considered in many new applications.

Retaining taste and color

AGELESS OMAC® will prevent discoloration; rancidity and ensure the product stay fresh longer.