Anaero Pack (Anaerobic cultivation system)

Anaero Pack System is an easy anaerobic cultivation method without using neither water nor catalyst.

1. Strong Point

Easy to Handle
No water, no catalyst. Just only to put Anaero Pack in jar. Produces suitable atmosphere to grow microorganism. Three types of cultivation, i.e. anaerobic, microaerophilic and CO2 cultivation are easy to prepare.

Excellent Cultivation
The concentration of CO2 can be selected: 16 % or more for anaerobe, 5-8 % for microaerophiles and Ca 5 % for capnophiles. As to anaerobe, high CO2 concentration helps to enlarge the size of colonies.

Very Economical
The prices of Anaero Pack are reasonable. Easy to cultivate with usual jars. No need to prepare any large equipment.

Applicable for any types of Jars
Anaerobic cultivation by Anaero Pack does not cause the excess change of pressure inside the jar. And does not generate high temperature. Those enable to use any types of jar.

2. Method and Product name

Method For Jar For Pouch, Thin-Type Jar
Anaerobic Anaero Pack- Anaero AnaeroPouch- Anaero(for Pouch and Thin-Type Jar)
Microaerophilic Anaero Pack- MicroAero AnaeroPouch- MicroAero(for Pouch)
AnaeroPouch- MicroAero(for Thin-Type Jar)
Capnophilic Anaero Pack- CO2 AnaeroPouch-CO2(for Pouch and Thin-Type Jar)
Medium Preservation Anaero Pack- Keep (for Standing-Pouch) AnaeroPouch- Keep(for Pouch)

3. Example of Cultivation

Examples of cultivation using rectangular jars with compartment / Example of cultivation using pouch