PharmaKeep (for pharmaceuticals/medical equipment)

1. What is

PharmaKeep can protect against oxidative degradation and extend the shelf life of pharmaceuticals. Oxygen and moisture in the packaging degrade pharmaceuticals.

PharmaKeep can absorb oxygen and moisture. Putting it in the packaging, it can keep in low oxygen and low humidity. PharmaKeep is the oxygen absorber exclusive for pharmaceutical and medical device *A hermetically sealed high gas barrier container is required to maintain low oxygen concentration.

2. Features

  1. Absorb both oxygen and moisture, as well as two-in-one configuration
  2. Type absorbing only oxygen is available
  3. Absorb oxygen independently of moisuture
  4. No moisture transfer to the applications
  5. Registered in DMF

3. Effect

Preservation of supplement and medicine
Preservative: PharmaKeep KD-20
Air volume: 100ml
Storage condition: 60℃, 60%RH, 1 week

4. Lineup

  • KD: Packet type, absorb oxygen and moisture
  • KC: Packet type, absorb oxygen and moisture for medical device only, can keep in lower humidity than KD,
  • KH: Packet type, absorb only oxygen
  • CH: Canister type, absorb only oxygen

*Canister type is jointly developed with Sud-Chemie Performance Packaging.

5. Notice

  • Handling time: Within 3 hours after opening the master bag, under 25℃ and 50%RH
  • Expiration date: Six months after shipping from our storage

*Storage temperature: under 25℃.