Ageless (Oxygen Absorber)

“Iron absorbs oxygen when it rust.”
“Prevent oxidation by eliminating oxygen.”

Just by implementing a combination of such simple ideas, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical was able to develop AGELESS the world’s first free-oxygen absorbing agent.

The free-oxygen absorbing agent, AGELESS, absorbs oxygen in a sealed container and creates a deoxidized environment, where the concentration of oxygen is 0.1% or lower. This way, it is possible to preserve foods by eliminating the ill effects of oxygen. The free-oxygen absorbing agent AGELESS preserves both the taste and freshness of food. This outstanding feature of AGELESS also expands its application to pharmaceutical products, clothing, and cosmetics.

AGELESS is also used widely to ward off mold as well as mites from clothing and bedding.

Benefit of using AGELESS

What is AGELESS?

The main constituent of AGELESS (iron type) *1 is a specially treated iron powder. When iron rusts, it absorbs oxygen in the process. The result is deoxygenation of the sealed container *2 through oxidation, preventing any bad affects to the product.

  1. *1 Other types of AGELESS use other organic matter such as vitamin C as their main constituents.
  2. *2 AGELESS is used to create a deoxygenated state within a sealed container. It cannot be used for any other purpose.

Oxygen makes up approximately 21% of the air in the atmosphere, however AGELESS absorbs all oxygen within a sealed container to create an oxygen free state (maintaining an oxygen concentration of 0.1% or less). . As AGELESS absorbs more oxygen, the volume decreases and the gas remaining within the sealed container becomes mostly nitrogen, an inert gas


Free-oxygen absorbing agent AGELESS for preserving good taste and freshness
  • AGELESS deoxidizes the interior of a sealed package in a way never before possible with conventional vacuum and gas replacement packaging. Even small amounts of oxygen, which infiltrate through the film surface are removed completely. AGELESS is a truly epochal taste and freshness preserving agent.
  • The flavor, color, fragrance and nutrition of freshly prepared food can now be retained for long periods of time.
Free-oxygen absorbing agent AGELESS assures safety and quality.
  • AGELESS prevents the growth of molds and aerobic bacteria, while also preventing harmful insects.
  • Oxidized oils and fats are a detriment to good health. They can be prevented by the deoxidization effect of AGELESS.
  • Reducing amount of food additive.
  • Various tests conducted by official organizations have confirmed the safety of AGELESS.
  • AGELESS has been awarded the ISO9001 Quality System Certification.
Simple and effective free-oxygen absorbing agent
  • Conventional packaging such as vacuum packing and gas flushing package packing require devoted facilities, but you can use AGELESS just by providing a sealing machine.
  • AGELESS can be inserted quickly and simply by using an automatic inserter.
AGELESS has made the ‘distribution revolution’ possible.
  • Extending a food's shelf life allows food manufacturers to market greater varieties of food and expand their markets, while still retaining their maximum taste and freshness.
  • AGELESS allows for the simple and easy control of production and inventory.

Effectiveness of AGELESS

AGELESS Prevents Molds.
In an oxygen-free atmosphere (oxygen concentration of 0.1% or lower), AGELESS shows a marked ability to suppress the growth of molds.

AGELESS is effective on insect eggs.
Oxygen-free packaging using AGELESS allows you to eliminate both adult insects and their eggs, a feat hardly achieved by fumigation. The oxygen-absorbing agent is safe: no more worries about residual chemicals.

AGELESS prevents oxidation of fats and oils.
The quality of fats and oils deteriorates when they react with oxygen. Light and heat facilitate the oxidation process, which continues even when products are frozen. Oxygen-free packaging using AGELESS can prevent the harmful effects of oxidization. (The peroxide number indicates the degree of oxidation of fats and oils. The greater this number, the greater the degree of oxidation developing in fats and oils.)

AGELESS prevents food colors from changing.
Oxidation of food causes its color to change. Natural pigments such as the chlorophyll (green) and carotenoids (red) change their colors rapidly, which is promoted by light and heat. Packaging with AGELESS prevents the discoloration of food.

AGELESS preserves both flavor and nutrition.
The attractive flavors of tea and coffee and dried laver, or the vital nutrients, Vitamin E and C, are quickly deteriorated or lose their potency through oxidation.

The graphs below showing the oxidation of Vitamin C with age demonstrate just how effective AGELESS is in retaining this important nutrient.

Various Types of AGELESS for Various Purposes

Select the AGELESS type that best suits your purposes.

Place AGELESS with food in a container or film wrapping which is impermeable to oxygen. Thoroughly seal the container or the film sheet. When inserting AGELESS manually, you only need a heat-sealing machine for easy and simple packaging. An automatic AGELESS inserting machine, suitable for interlocked operation with existing automatic food packaging machines is available to allow continuous AGELESS insertion.

Iron Type

Water Dependent

Type Main Application Water activity of product to be applied

FX Rice cakes, dumplings, raw noodles, raw laver, soybean paste, bread crumbs, fermented soybeans, etc. 0.85 or more
FX-L Waffles, delicacies, ham, sausage, chicken nuggets, pizza crust, picked vegetables, seasoned fish, pet foods, etc.
FJ-N Salami, individually packaged cookies and candies.
FM Cooked rice, baked potatoes, and for defrosting in microwave ovens. 0.8 or more

Multi-Function Type
Carbon dioxide generation starts simultaneous with absorption of oxygen. Prevents food containers from shrinking when oxygen is absorbed.

Type Main Application Water activity of product to be applied

Doughnuts, cakes, fresh cakes, brandy cakes, salami, beef jerky, pet foods and the like. 0.95 or less
Z-PK Coffee, tea, nuts, dried vegetables, spices, laver (seaweed), and pharmaceutical products.

ZJ-PT Individually packed cakes and cookies, rea bags, etc. 0.95 or less

ZJ-PK 0.65 or less

Oxygen and carbon dioxide are both absorbed simultaneously.

Type Main Application Water activity of product to be applied

E Coffee 0.3 or less

Non Iron Type

Main components are organic, thus this type of AGELESS will not affect a metal detector.

Oxygen Absorbing Type

Type Main Application Water activity of product to be applied

GLS Ham, sausage, chicken nuggets, etc. 0.3~0.95

GL-M This type can support a metal detector. 0.3~0.95

Multi-Function Type
Carbon dioxide generation starts simultaneous with absorption of oxygen. Prevents food containers from shrinking when oxygen is absorbed.

Type Main Application Water activity of product to be applied

GT Rice cakes, nuts, dried fish, etc. 0.3~0.9